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Comments on the "What Month" Poll

For the poll question "What month is your prom?", the possible answers were:

Here are e-mails that people sent us in 2005:
Mother's Day weekend
Our schedules for Prom this year are really chaotic because it's the day before Mother's Day. We are having a flower shop come in to decorate and it was so hard for us to work around their schedule.
Need to keep dry
Any time, as long as you don't hold it in a rainy month, or a month that's so hot and humid like June that you can hardly stand to wear a dress.
Early April
We are from Florida and our prom is April 9th. Some may consider this early but it's very convenient for us besides that it is ACT day. Late April is our Grad Night, and then May is full of graduation activities like award ceremonies, baccalaureate, banquets, practices, and not to mention final exams. Early April is definitely the best time for us.
Just the right temperature
The best time is when it is warm enough to be outside without a jacket but not so warm that you are sweating. It has to be a nice night with no humidity to make your hair go everywhere.
First weekend in June
I'm president of my class and prom committee and everyone agrees that the first weekend in June usually works out well. We are usually one of the last proms and we can usually find a place easier and the girls like it because they can get their dresses on clearance in late May!! Although it is the day of the SAT's I've done both before and it really isn't all that terrible :)
Nice weather
The best time to hold a prom is in the middle of April, when the weather should be pretty nice.
Greatest celebration
Early to mid-May is the best, I feel, to have prom. Upperclassmen, especially seniors, are anticipating the end of the school year, and prom is the greatest celebration to dress up and enjoy the moment.
Look forward to
Proms should be in May because nothing else happens then. It gives you something to look forward to that month.
I think the best time to hold prom is in May. It is so beautiful and the weather is perfect. Although rain can be a factor, it can come any month.
Good weather
The best time to hold the prom is in May or June, because of good weather!
Year end
Late April or early May definitely, it kinda says that the end of the year is coming.

Here are e-mails that people sent us in 2004:
April or May
It should be in late April or early May. Ours this year is April 24th. Last year's was May 3rd....they are perfect dates!
Book early!
I am our junior class president, and we are having our prom May 8th because six months ago when i called to reserve a location, they were booked for ALL other dates. I will make sure to pass on to next year's juniors, book your date VERY early! 1:)
Same day as biggest school sports event
My prom is April 24th and i just got my prom date a 1 1/2 weeks b4 prom for my second year. so itz all a rush for prom plus the drake relays are that weekend so some ppl have to choose n itz not fun!
Softball playoffs
Our Prom is on May 22nd, I think that it is too late. I like the Prom around the first or second Saturday in May because it always seems better, and that way, we aren't in Softball playoffs here in Vermont.
April in Arizona
Our prom is on April 24th. I think the timing couldn't be better. It's late enough in the year (since we live in Arizona) that we can all stay in a hotel and be able to go swimming the next day, but early enough that we won't all be drenched in sweat. I think mid April is the best time for the south west to have prom.
Our prom is on the 17th of April this year!! It's outrageous because we have always had our prom on the 3rd Saturday in May before and the entire campus is unprepared. Proms are better in May.
May in West Virginia
Our prom is on May 15 this year, I think it's so weird to look and see people having their prom in March and April...I live in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia and most every school in my area (the deep south) holds their prom in May since it's usually pretty weather for a prom (even though it rained last year).
Weather and Pictures
Our prom is May 1st. It's always been the first Saturday in May and I think it's nice because the weather in Indiana is so crazy and it's usually nice. Plus the flowers are out and fountains are lit and they help to make great pictures.
I think that June is the best time for prom, you can always count on the weather being warm during the month.
Surprise announcement
Later, Later, Later! My prom is on April 3rd this year and I am so mad! The date wasn't even announced until a couple of weeks ago so I had to rush to find a dress and get the night off work. Not to mention that it is on the day we change our clocks!
Later is better
March 26! Later in the spring would be totally better. We want to take pictures outside before prom, and it gets dark early in March and that's not ok.
Late prom
My school always makes it a week before graduation. It's the latest prom of anyone I know.
Days to avoid
Mine's April 23rd. I wouldn't mind if they picked earlier or later. They probably shouldn't pick Good Friday, though. Or Passover.
School vacation
Ours is the Friday right before school vacation week. I hate it. We've always flown out Friday afternoon, but can't this year. Prom date was announced months ago, so it's not like we had to cancel reservations or anything.
April or May
Anytime in April or May, but not April 30 or May 1! (May 1 is the SAT...)
Location, location, location
I'm from New York but we moved to Florida this year. Prom is March 26. This would make no sense in New York! Prom should be springtime, and March in New York can be all cold and snow.
Avoid sports conflicts
We picked May 21 (I'm on the prom committee). Main reason is all sports teams are done with their seasons by then.
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