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Top Ten Tips for a Successful Prom Updo

  1. Find out your school's policy about attendance on the day of the prom. At some schools, you won't be admitted to a Friday prom if you weren't in school for the full day on Friday. Many other schools will let you be dismissed in the afternoon (with permission from a parent), but you'll need to go to all classes on Friday morning. The school's policy determines how early you can start on your hair.
  2. If you're going to a stylist, make your appointment well in advance. If the stylist is really popular and you want an early-afternoon appointment on the day of the prom, you might need to make your appointment months in advance.
  3. If possible, go in person to the salon to make your appointment. You'll want to watch that the appointment is written down. Ask for a card that has your appointment time written on it. (You can probably skip this if you regularly go to the salon and the stylist knows you.)
  4. Before the day of your appointment, you need to be sure of the updo style that you want, and be sure that it's possible for your hair. Even if you have a picture showing exactly what you want, that won't help if it's a style that only works for hair that's thicker or longer than yours.
  5. If you haven't had an updo by this stylist in the past, you should set up a practice time. A common plan is to start with an appointment six weeks before the prom, arranging to spend 1-2 hours with the stylist discussing updo options. Then, also have an appointment four weeks before the prom, where this stylist will try to do exactly what you've chosen for the prom. You'll feel much more confident once the prom-day updo has been rehearsed this way.
  6. Make sure you know your stylist's preferences for what not to do to your hair before your appointment. The most common requests are (a) don't wash your hair on the day of the appointment, and (b) don't trim your hair in the few weeks before the appointment.
  7. Allow extra time to get to the salon. On the day of a prom, the salon's schedule is probably packed, and they won't be able to take you if you arrive late.
  8. Some stylists want you to bring your dress, and also bring any hair accessories that you'll wear to the prom. (It's not common, but sometimes an elaborate updo can clash with the pattern of your dress. That's one reason for the stylist to ask to see your dress.)
  9. Bring enough money for the salon's prices plus a tip. Usually you should tip the stylist 15% to 20%.
  10. Avoid common ways that your hair might be disturbed after the updo. Make sure that, when you get home, you'll be able to undress without pulling clothing over your hair. For example, wear a blouse that unbuttons. Bring an umbrella if it might be raining when your appointment is finished.

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